Victorian Swivel Watch Key Fob


This is a stunning Victorian stone set swivel fob watch key. Perfect on a Gentlemen’s watch chain or as a  pendant. Set with a bloodstone on one side and chalcedony on the other side.

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10ct gold.
Unmarked - Typical of Victorian Era.
Bloodstone & Chalcedony.
The main body of the fob measures 30.4mm tall and 17.5mm wide with the engraved top making it 43.2mm tall and 23mm wide in total.
8.8 grams.
This fob was part of a collection of eleven fobs attached to a bracelet as charms. Traditionally these were worn attached to a watch chain and relatively free from being knocked and damaged. However, being worn as part of a large collection on a bracelet, they have seen more wear than normal. As such there is some damage which can be easily seen in the images upon inspection. We have priced accordingly and their unique features have been taken into account.
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