Victorian 18ct & Pearl Memorial Ring


A remarkable Victorian English memorial ring circa 1800s. This superb ring is made of solid 18ct gold throughout. The head showcases a small locket compartment which is where a lock of hair has been kept from a lost loved one. This is a very popular design of this era and it was not an uncommon occurrence to have a dearly departed’s family member lock of hair fashioned into a jewellery piece.

The ring is beautifully fashioned round the lock of hair with fifteen small half pearls, some have worn down over the years but all are still present.

This ring holds a lot of history and fascination to think this beautiful piece of jewellery crafted around two hundred years ago, still carries the original hair of a loved one. This was once a very special and personal piece of jewellery to someone and you can’t help but wonder about it’s story.

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18ct gold.
Unmarked - tests fully indicate 18ct gold.
Seed pearls.
The head of the ring measures 12mm by 14mm and rise one the finger to be 3.3mm tall. The shank, which tapers down measures 5mm to 3.8mm at the back of the ring.
5.6 grams.
Excellent. Slight wear to the glass holding the hair in but this is nice to see as it points to being totally original. Pearls as of course worn over the century but it is how we would expect to find antique jewellery. New replacement pearls would stand out and look totally wrong.
Finger size:
UK Q. US 8.