Victorian 18ct Mourning Hair Locket


An exquisite piece of Victorian history. This unique sentimental locket is quite a find. It is meant as a memorial locket baring a photo of a Gentlemen one side and a small lock of hair on the other. One can only imagine that the hair in the locket is that of the Gentlemen in the photo who most likely past with this locket being made in honour of him. 

Mourning jewellery was extremely popular in Victorian times and came in many different variations suck as rings, bracelets & lockets etc. 

When Queen Victoria’s beloved husband Prince Albert past away, the Queen left instructions for specific pieces of jewellery to be made and commissioned in his honour for her and the family. Each piece of jewellery would bare the late Princes photograph and/or a small lock of his hair as a memoir to the Prince to which she would always wear until her death. It is because of Queen Victoria’s insistence of modelling the precious items that they became a popular trend for all in the Victorian Era. This locket is a prime example of this style. 

Both the lock or hair and the photograph are in impeccable condition considering their age and would make a fantastic addition to anyone with admiration of fine historic Victorian jewellery. 

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18ct gold.
Unmarked but testing as 18ct gold.
The main body of the locket has a diameter of 18.6mm wide. The locket including the jump-ring top measures 15mm tall.
8.1 grams.
This memorial locket was part of a collection with eleven gemstone fobs attached to a bracelet all worn as charms.  Traditionally the locket would have been worn as a pendant. The fobs would have been worn attached to a watch chain and all relatively free from being knocked and damaged. However, as they have all been worn as part of a large collection on a bracelet, they have seen more wear than normal. As such, there are some scruffs which can be easily seen in the images upon inspection. We have priced accordingly and their unique features have been taken into account.