Ruby and diamond art deco earrings


A pair of art deco earrings set with ruby and diamonds. Modelled in 9ct with silver tops they date as circa late Victorian to early 20th century. A wonderfully secure fitting, these have large hooks with a small clasp that latches over the bottom of the hook.  As with many earrings, we do not believe they started life as earrings. That being said they are a bit too delicate to be anything else. All we can do is go from experience and give you the facts. 

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9ct yellow gold and silver.
Diamonds macles which are very loosely rose cuts being flat bottomed with a few facets to the top of the stone. Approximate diamond content 0.54ct. Pink rubies of what appear natural origin rather than the commonly found ‘calibre’ rubies seen in similar items which are actually synthetic.
The main body of the earring, excluding the hook which raises up slightly above the main design, measures 24mm. The upper part of the 8 shape measures 12mm wide while the lower part is just shy of 15mm wide.
5 grams.
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