Rose cut diamond cluster ring


This is a ring created using rose cut diamonds which are essentially a flat bottomed diamond with some upper facets giving the stone its depth. The stones used in this cluster are classic Victorian cuts, possibly slightly earlier. They have been put together in this configuration with the setting having been handmade bespoke for the collection of diamonds. It is a delicate ring and should be treated as such, as all antique jewellery should be. Not to be worn in circumstances where the ring could take a significant knock. We fully advocate that antique jewellery should be worn however a bit of common sense must be entertained, not to be worn at the gym or while painting or decorating. 

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14ct yellow gold.
Unmarked - tests showing the metal to be of 14ct standard.
Old rose cut diamonds ranging from approximately 0.03ct to 0.06ct surrounding an oval old rose cut diamond. The centre stone is what looks like it is chipped. The shape is not a complete oval shape and any damage to the stone occurred before being set into this ring. Two claws are pushed right up to the stone, had the stone been wider and been a regular proportion the stone would overhang the position of the claws. It is impossible to know the exact weight without unsetting all the diamonds and weighing them but as a firm estimate we would say this ring combines a total weight of 0.60ct approximately.
The cluster is 10mm in diameter and rises 5.8mm from the finger. 2mm D shape shoulders narrowing ever so slightly to 1.7mm wide at the back of the finger.
2.72 grams.
Excellent. The condition of the stones are what you would expect for diamond material of the era they were cut. The ring itself is in excellent condition.
Finger size:
UK G 1/2 - US 3 5/8.