Mizpah Back & Front Locket


The term Mizpah translates from Hebrew into English as “Watchtower” and Mizpah jewellery is used as a symbol of trust or as an agreement between two people. Usually as a sweetheart piece given to loved ones this particular locket is known as a back and front locket. A fantastic Victorian piece of jewellery the back shield has not been engraved as you would normally find. Original retaining rings still present and correct meaning two photographs can easily be placed inside.

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9ct back and front. Back and front lockets are made of base metal which have a thin covering of solid 9ct gold. They were very common in the Victorian era and offer a significantly more substantial finish than gold plated items.
Unmarked. Lockets were generally omitted form hallmarking legislation as the act of punching the mark could damage the article.
From the very top of the articulated bale to the bottom of the locket when you look at it measures 48mm. The lockets itself excluding the ring at the top is 35.5mm x 30mm and is 11.5m. thick.
10 grams.
Excellent. The locket exhibits the slight patina that you would expect for a Victorian item however it is free of dents which are the most common discrepancy with lockets.
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