Georgian mourning ring – SOLD

This Georgian ring would have once upon a time exhibited an image beneath the lens, often an urn or a scantily clad female figure. This particular ring has seen many decades of wear and as such it is most likely that some moisture has gotten beneath the glass erasing the image over the centuries. The ring is a memorial ring dated 1792 commemorating a famous namesake, Elizabeth Taylor. Crafted in 18ct this still remains a spectacular ring despite the disappearance of the image. 

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18ct gold.
Unmarked - tests fully confirm 18ct gold standard.
The oval head measure just shy of 20mm x 13mm. The shoulders are 9mm wide where they split and narrow to 1.2mm at the back of the finger.
4 grams.
This ring is over 200 years old. Despite the obvious, the ring is in exceptional condition. Yes it is a bit thin at the back but it shows no signs of having been built up over the years meaning what you see is the original metal work from the 18th century.
Finger size:
UK - N (minimum) US - 6 1/2. Please note that the ring is not entirely round meaning we cannot get a precise reading on the ring stick. There could be a size difference larger as a margin of error because of this.