Edwardian garnet pendant


Another fabulous Edwardian lavaliere pendant garnets and pearls. Hand crafted in 9ct gold with both garnets set in articulated drop settings. The garnets are not matched in colour as they are different types of the garnet. The centre piece being Almandine, the most commonly seen colour of garnet, and the lower dropper being a Rhodolite garnet. Rhodolite garnet is very close to the colour of Amethyst. How can we tell the two apart? Garnet is singularly refractive while amethyst is doubly refractive. A simple bit of gemological kit and we can easily tell them apart. The pendant is pictured on an original Edwardian chain and is included in the price. Please do get in contact with us to discuss possibilities of alternative chains or if you would like a price without the chain. 

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9ct gold.
9ct to the reverse.
Garnets and seed pearls.
The circular aspect of the pendant measures 22mm in diameter. From the top of the bale to the very bottom of the dropper measures 43mm. The chain is just shy of 16 inches long.
The pendant alone weighs 2 grams as does the chain on its own. Total weight for the piece just over 4 grams.
This piece is at least one hundred years old. It does have small tell tale signs of its age, all of which are commensurate with an antique item of jewellery. The chain is not designed to be pulled at and any great force would break it. This would have been the case when it was brand new let alone now after a century. Care should be taken with where and when it is being worn. Possibly not with heavy knitwear. The other most common cause of broken chains is babies or puppies, both of which love to grab at things and fling their arms and legs about when picked up.
Chain length:
<16 inches (approx).