Edwardian 9ct Memorial Ring with Black Enamel


A beautiful sentimental war memorial ring dating back to 1901. 

This ring is crafted in 9ct gold with enamel detailing on the outside which reads “ In Memory Of”.

Inside of the ring, the markings read “ G.H.Rollinson, Killed in the Gaza, April 19th 1917”.

We have done a bit of investigating on the name engraved inside the ring to see if we could find the gentlemen this memorial ring may be for. We have found only one record of a ‘George Henry Rollinson’ who died in the Gaza war on 19/04/1917 who we believe this beautiful ring is dedicated too. The records state that George was a British rifleman from the London regiment, 11th Battalion who was killed in action during the war.

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9ct gold.
Chester, 1901. Its is also engraved with: G.H Rollinson, Killed in the Gaza, April 19th 1917.
2mm proof of the finger and 10mm wide.
7 grams.
Excellent. There are some signs of wear on the outer engravings where it has faded slightly. There is a small area next to the “of” on the outer ring where some of the enamel has worn but all in all for its age, this is in very good condition.
Finger size:
N 1/2, This can’t be resized due to the engraving on the inside.