Edwardian 9ct Curb Bracelet & Heart Padlock


A classic solid curb link bracelet crafted in rose gold dating from the Edwardian era. The links are a uniformed size and sit wonderfully with one another. Not an uncommon bracelet in itself but the padlock is something a little bit different. Rather than the usually notched hasp that comes over the top of the padlock and doubles back on itself, locating within the main body of the clasp to secure it all together, this padlock uses a hinged clasp. To the right of the padlock you can see a small protrusion in the form of a little ball shape what allows the hinge to open. This is a far superior form of clasp in respect of manufacturing and I suspect the reason they are fairly rare is that they were far more expensive and time consuming to make. 

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9ct rose gold.
The clasp is stamped with PATd and 9ct. This is the 9ct gold stamp from the manufactures and also a stamp telling us the clasp is Patented. The bracelet is stamped in each link with the 9 repeater mark.
The chain is approximately seven inches long not including the heart padlock. The curb links are approximately 7.7mm wide made using 2mm thick solid wire. At its widest, the heart measures 16.2mm across and is 4mm thick.
39.5 grams.
Finger size: