Antique ‘Ceylon Gem Gravel’ earrings


This fantastic pair of gemstone earrings date to the early 20th Century and are set with natural gemstones from the Ceylon gem gravels. Ceylon, now Sri Lanka, is world renowned for their gemstones. Millions upon millions or carats of gemstones have been mined over the last century in Ceylon, most famously of all are sapphires. At the time these were mined the material being brought up was exceptional. Secondary gemstones such as spinels and zircons were found as well but less desired than the cornflower royal blue sapphires they were really pushing for. These earrings feature some of those (then) secondary gemstones. Fast forward to present day and these gemstones can be considered highly desirable owing to their unique nature. Less desired stones back then mean less antique jewellery featuring them. These came to us broken with no fittings therefore the hooks seen here are modern. 

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