18ct white agate signet ring


This is a fantastic signet ring set with a piece of white agate / carnelian. Made as a gents ring there is no reason this would not look out of place on a ladies hand. The shield is well proportioned and features a convex shaped detail to the bottom setting it aside from simply an oval or square ring. The white colouring comes from internal colour banding of the agate, brought to light with precision cutting. The red colour that we associate the term carnelian with can be seen just from the sides of the stone giving a great depth to it and a boarder around the white colour. From the back the stone is a typical maroon colour.

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18c yellow gold.
CG for Charles Green - Birmingham 1948.
A single piece of carnelian / white agate.
The carnelian measures 10.7mm x 8.5mm. The gold measures 12.7mm wide at the widest measurement and sits low to the finger rising just over 3mm. 4mm at the back of the finger.
6.57 grams.
Excellent. The stone exhibits a few scratches but totally commensurate with the rings age. It is free of chips, knicks and cracks. A super ring all round.
Finger size:
UK O - US 7.