18ct Pearl & Enamel Victorian ‘In memory of’ Hair Memorial Ring


This ring is arguably one of the most pristine Victorian memorial rings we have come across here in the shop.

Dating back to 1836, this traditional Victorian memorial ring does not fail when it comes to quality.
Crafted using 18ct gold and decorated with black enamel round the outside of the shank. The letters “In Memory Of” are written in a gothic font round the ring.

The head of the ring sits a small woven lock of hair surrounded by ten small pearls. The hair is that of the gentlemen, William Butlin who past away back in January 1837.
Inside the shank is a hand engraved dedication to William Butlin reading “Wm Butlin Obt 23rd Jan y 1837 age 63”.

Although traditional Victorian hair memorial rings are not everyone’s cup of tea, I think we can all appreciate the fine art and the love that has gone into making this ring. It leaves you wanting to know more about this man, and who the ring was left to for comfort after his passing.

Woven hair memorial rings were very common among this era and bought comfort to a loved one after their dearly beloved had passed on. A tradition started by Queen Victoria after her dearly beloved husband, Albert past away.

This ring is no exception when it comes to preserving history in such great detail and fine beauty.

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18ct gold.
Sponsor mark of TD. Hallmarked 18ct gold in London 1836. Traditional hallmark for gold present. The ring is also engraved on the inside of the shank to say “Wm Butlin Obt 23rd Jan y 1837 age 63”. The engraving has been shortened to fit around the inside of the shank. In correct terms, this is William Butlin obituary 23rd January 1837 aged 63.
Ten pearls.
The shank measures 6mm by the head and tapers down to 3.7mm at the back. The head of the ring measures 12.2mm by 13mm. The ring rises 3.5mm when worn on the finger.
4.95 grams.
Fantastic condition. Enamel memorial rings from this period usually by now have a lot of wear in them. It’s not uncommon for the enamel for have worn down substantially. This ring is in absolutely incredible condition for its age with the enamel in near perfect form. The pearls surrounding the hair are also in fantastic condition and still extremely securely fastened in place. The plaited woven hair of William Butlin in pristine condition also.
Finger size
UK N 1/2. US & Canada - 6 3/4.