Vintage Rolled Gold & Bloodstone Compass – SOLD


A vintage pocket spinning compass. This compass us crafted using pieces of rolled gold with a round bloodstone finish. Traditionally used along with a chain fitting into a gentlemen’s pocket, this can nowadays also be used as a pendant. 

The compass itself is in immaculate condition and has precise accuracy.


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Rolled gold.
The compass has a diameter of 15.5mm. The compass including the jumping is a total of 37.3mm tall.
12.8 grams.
This compass along with eleven Victorian & Edwardian fobs were all attached to a bracelet as charms. Traditionally each item would have been worn separately with the compass being worn attached to a chain like a pocket compass. However, due to their accessory as charms instead has left them open to wearing and scruffs. As such, there is some wear to the compass which can be easily seen in the images upon inspection. We have priced accordingly and their unique features have been taken into account.