Vintage 9ct & Enamel Deck of Cards Charm – SOLD

This rare little find is a lovely addition to our collection of antique gold charms. This is definitely a favourite of ours!
A 9ct gold deck of cards opening case with decorative enamel on one side showcasing the four card motifs.
Inside the charm, is a complete deck of cards still in the original packaging. They have been worn down over the years but most of the dirt that is shown in the photos is on the packaging of the deck and not the cards themselves. It goes without saying that they can be unwrapped if so desired but we have left them as they are as we believe it adds character.
The charm does have an opening snap so the cards can be taken out and also securely fastened back in absolutely fine.
We have not polished the charm to a mirror finish to keep the patina look and the enamel from fading.

This design is very unique and sought after, especially still with the original deck inside. The charm has a small bail fitted to the top. We can add a jump-ring to the bail so that the charm can be worn as a pendant.

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9ct gold. The pin is metal.
Sponsor mark of GJ Ltd. Hallmarked in London 1964.
11.3mm by 9.5mm by 10mm.
2.26 grams.