Victorian Yellow Sapphire Cufflinks


A personal favourite! These cufflinks are fantastic and I would have loved to keep them for myself. A truly unique pair we purchased these from a dealer a few years ago so have a very little back story to them. These are most likely Victorian and would have been made especially for a client, possibly making use of the gemstones as they are unmatched therefore unlikely to have been made as a stock item. Classic hollow torpedo fittings and chain these will suit any gentleman looking for a truly specialist pair of cufflinks. 

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Slight mixed bag where the metal in concerned. The settings of the sapphires are testing as 9ct. One of the torpedo fittings is testing as 15ct while the other is reading 18ct. Hard to say why but possibly a replacement torpedo was fitted at some point in these cufflink’s history.
Both stones test as corundum being yellow sapphire in this case. The more oval of the two which is visually smaller is calculated at approximately 4ct, and it is slightly lighter in colour than the other. The second sapphire is calculated at 4.10ct despite appearing larger. This is because of the irregular cutting of these stones. The pavilion (the lower part of the gemstone) is very irregular so even though the stone spreads visually larger than the other the actual carat weight is not a proportionate increase.
The more oval looking one - 10.3mm x 9.3mm. The visually larger one - 10.8mm x 10.3mm. The above measurements are taken from the outside diameters of the settings. Both sets of chain measure 16.5mm long with the torpedos being 25mm x 5.5mm.
6.5 grams total.
Fabulous condition.