Victorian tiara necklace conversion – SOLD

So this item has seen a few changes in its lifetime. It started out as what would have been a very elaborate tiara. We purchased it from the descendants of its original owner who upon her death, the immediate family dismantled the tiara and the individual sections were divided among them. This particular section was made into a brooch at some point but it really did not work for us. It is something I purchased some years ago and have been working on every now and again since then. This section seemed to work beautifully as a necklace and is fitted to a modern 9ct white gold chain to ensure its safety. The design we are left with has an unintentional art nouveau feel to it and features an articulated diamond dropper at the bottom of the piece. In a perfect word I would be selling a beautiful tiara rather than just a section of a beautiful tiara but I could not bare to see this section broken up, scrapped and the diamonds just going into stock for repairs and restoration work. A truly unique piece with a story to tell and many more decades of use for its new owner. 

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The main body of the piece is 9t (faint) yellow gold, silver topped. The chain is 9ct white gold.
The necklet is unmarked but the chain we have used for this piece is a modern 9t hallmarked piece.
A section of sizes and shapes of old cut diamonds, mostly oval cushion style shapes. Total approximate diamond weight 1.36ct. Very good colour grading we are placing them as G/H and the exhibit the typical small inclusions seen in this material.
From the top of the pendant aspect of the necklet to the bottom of the diamond dropper measures 35mm. 24mm wide. The chain used was an 18inch length so taking into account the 1 inch distance between the loops where it attaches to the piece has a total length of 19 inches.
7 grams.
Excellent. Slight wear to the sapphire facets. This is to be expected of a ring of this age however and I would be worried if I did not see something along these lines. It would point to replacement stones if they were perfectly fresh.
19 inches.