Victorian 18ct Gold Masonic Bloodstone Signet Ring – SOLD

This is a fantastic antique bloodstone masonic signet ring modelled in 18ct yellow gold. The bloodstone, engraved with the recognisable square and compass of the freemasons, exhibits good flashes of red. A Victorian ring, the bloodstone appears totally original with no apparent signs of being a replacement. The rub over setting is smooth with the bloodstone sitting ever so slightly proud, a very tricky setting requiring an expert craftsman. 

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18ct gold.
18. Assayed in Birmingham 1893 / 4. Traditional gold hallmark.
Bloodstone exhibiting a deep green colour with good flashes of red concentrated down the centre of the stone.
The head of the ring measures 13.9mm x 11mm and stands at 2.8mm proud of the finger.
7.66 grams.
Excellent. There is an ever so slight knick to the edge of the bloodstone to the bottom left of the stone, just by the point of the compass.
Finger size: