Old Cut Diamond Solitaire – SOLD


A unique diamond solitaire this features a victorian old cut diamond in a simple hand made setting. Slightly off-round and with a yellowish tint to the diamond it is typical of the type of diamond cut during the victorian era. The ring itself is most likely to have been made at some point between the two wars making use of a diamond from another item of jewellery. 

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Test indicate 18ct yellow gold.
Stamped GB, which would be the sponsors mark. There is no other hallmarks but there are the number 568 punched into the shank. These are simply manufacturers marks however and bear no relevance to the purity of the metal.
A single diamond and what can best be described as off round / cushiony old cut. It’s precise weight cannot be known without weighing it out of the setting but we have conservatively worked it out as just over the 1ct. In regards to the colour it has a noticeably yellow hue to it which is slightly pleasant. The stone is also very clean so clarity specification would rate it at approximately Vs.
7mm at the widest measurement. 4.5mm shoulders tapping away to 2.4mm at the back of the finger.
4.2 grams.
Finger size:
Excellent condition. Minor chipping to the stones girdle but nothing uncommon in a stone of this age.