Gold Enamel Goats Head Ring – SOLD

A pleasure to present this rather unique ring which is unlike anything we have ever had in stock. Made entirely from what tests are showing to be 18ct gold it features fine dragon-like enameling detail with the head of a goat (or maybe ram). We know very little about this ring. Possibly far Eastern by manufacture, we are unable to speculate a date but from the history of its previous owner, it spent many years in the company of a rather eccentric family member.

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Tests indicate a high carat gold up to that of 18ct standard.
Stamped 18K.
At the head to the animal the widest measurement is 16.5mm, measured side to side at the horns. 8.5mm at the body narrowing to 3.5mm at the bottom of the ring.
A weighty 11.6 grams.
Finger size:
M to N area of size. Tricky to know where to take the finger size reading from on this one.
Some enamelling has damage to it and is missing. The main body is still however very well intact and in excellent condition.