Georgian paste brooch – SOLD

A fantastically beautifully bulbous Georgian brooch set with a very large paste stone. The shape is amazing and the piece is in beautiful condition from the metal work to the stone itself. It is an amazingly tactile item ignoring the sharp pin. This being a brooch I would have expected it to have been altered by now and either converted into a pendant of some description so it is refreshing to see it in its original state. 

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9ct gold.
Paste - 18.5mm diameter. Paste stone is a colourless cut glass first seen in the 18th century. They tend to be backed with foil to give a reflective shine and depth to the stone in an attempt to simulate diamond. Typically seen in solid closed settings as pictured in this particular piece it is very common to see the foil damaged thanks to moisture getting behind the stone. This brooch shows no such damage.
20.5mm in diameter. 15mm thick excluding the pin.
8.33 grams.
Superb condition.
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