Georgian 18ct & Enamel Memorial Ring


This is a beautiful Georgian-era memorial ring. It became a tradition that when a loved one died, to dedicate jewellery to them, sometimes baring a lock of hair from the dearly beloved. Some rings also came with engraving. Usually the deceased’s initials with the year of birth and death. They were often called ‘Momento Mori’ rings and are now considered highly collectible. 

This one is very interesting and differs from others we have had as rather than reading ‘In Memory of on the outside, this one reads ‘In Memory of England’ crafted using 18ct gold and black enamel

Engraved on the inside of the shank is the name ‘Louis Lo” Wenthol’. We have tried to find out anything we can about ‘Louis’ but unfortunately have been unsuccessful. I do however find this exciting and it adds to the mystery of the ring. 

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18ct gold with black enamel.
Sponsor mark of T.D.D.S. Hallmarked 18ct in London, 1830. Gold pictorial mark present. It is also engraved on the inside to say ‘ Louis Lo" Wenthol’.
The ring measures approximately 8.4mm wide and is 1.5mm proud of the finger.
6.2 grams.
Considering the age of this ring and it being around 191 years old, the ring itself is in absolutely fantastic condition. You will be able to notice from the images that a lot of the enamel has faded over the years and the ring does have scuffs from wear. It is also not completely even as one side of the shank is ever so slightly thicker than the opposite side. This is only really noticeable upon close inspection and perhaps, now that I’ve mentioned it as well. We didn’t want to clean and polish the ring for obvious reasons and believe it's truly remarkable as it is. With all this in mind, the ring, as far as we are concerned, is still in beautiful condition and we have priced it accordingly.
Finger Size:
UK T 1/2. US 10.