Emerald Art Deco Ring – SOLD

A true piece of art deco wonder. We cannot be sure if the ring started out with an emerald as the centre piece but the ring itself is pure early 20th century. Given the delicate nature of emeralds I would be surprised if this was in fact the original stone as it is in excellent condition, free of wear to the facets as well as small chips and knicks we would see on an emerald of 1920s / 30s origins. This is ideally destined as an alternative to the modern engagement ring. I would remind this rings new owner that thought must be given to the delicate nature of emeralds and to be mindful of the circumstances that it is worn. This ring has seen many years of life and there is no reason it will not last for another century and more with care. We would highly recommend that it not be worn on occasions where it might be knocked, the gym is a no as is decorating or gardening for instance. Traditionally rings such as this would be worn out for lunch or dinner not worn around the house. 

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Round facetted natural emerald approximately 1.17ct. Small graduated eight cut diamonds running up the shoulders totalling approximately 0.18ct overall.
9.5mm at base of setting. The emerald has a diameter of 7mm and stands approximately 7mm proud of the finger. 6mm at top of shoulder 3mm at collar around shank. 1.6mm back of finger.
4 grams.
Finger size:
UK M - US 6 1/4.