Edwardian Zircon art deco pendant – SOLD

A fantastic Edwardian art deco pendant featuring a natural green zircon as the star of the show. The zircon has been independently assessed as being of natural origins. This colour alone makes the pendant a wonderful piece of jewellery and gemstone history. It sits in an entirely bespoke setting made of 15ct gold. The pendant is manufactured in a typical fashion of the era being gold with a platinum top. Significant attention to detail has been observed with the claws of the diamond aligning with the loops where the chain and dropper attach to the circular aspect of the piece. 

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15ct gold.
Unmarked - tests indicate 15ct gold. Thanks to being platinum topped this would have not been suitable for full hallmarking with mixed metals being present.
We have had the zircon independent assessed as natural by Stephen Kennedy BSc FGA DGA of The Gem and Pearl Laboratory if Kirby Street London. Listed as a hexagonal step-cut. We as calculated, to the best of our abilities, the zircon to be 17ct approximately. Old mine cut diamond approximately 0.05ct sitting in a three claw setting with a halo surround.
From the top of the circular diamond aspect of the pendant to the very bottom of the zircon measure 49mm. The halo measure 7.8mm in diameter and the bar dropper measures 23mm long. The zircon setting measure 16.5 x 18 x 8.8 mm (H x W x D).
9.3 grams.
All in all this is a fantastic piece of antique art deco jewellery and should be treated as such. The certificate unfortunately notes the zircon as being mounted on a brooch but this is a mistake. We only sent the zircon having removed it from the necklace in order to reduce the potential for damage or loss in the post. Please also note that since the photographs were taken with the white background we have repositioned the dropper so that it hangs correctly.
Chain length:
The necklace measure 14 3/4 inches. 375mm total length when opened and laid out flat so this includes the gap between the loops at the top of the halo.