Edwardian guilloche enamel silver locket


Guilloche enamel is wonderful stuff. This style of enamelling is an art form and usually  credit goes to the enameler’s expertise. It is in fact (in my opinion) the engraving beneath the enamel that deserves the kudos. A very clever and mind-boggling machine called a rose engine is used to engrave these patterns. It is essentially a fancy type of lathe with various complications that when set up correctly and manipulated with skill produces very intricate patterns. This is the foundations for the enamel and when the two are combined they work perfectly together to give exceptional depth and colour metal. The most notable use of this technique is seen in Faberge. The Russian jewellery house made use of this style of enamelling in most of its creations. I would love for it to be Faberge but this is a good old classic British locket. 

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Sterling silver.
Unmarked. Tests indicate silver.
The locket is 32mm in diameter and just shy of 7mm at its thickest measurement.
18 grams.
Excellent. Ever so slight chipping, ever so slight, to each side at the outer edge near the hinge. Minor scratches to the enamel over the decades but this is to be expected.
Finger size: