Edwardian 9ct Rose Gold Bracelet – SOLD

An Edwardian 9ct rose gold bracelet known as a night and day bracelet thanks to its interspaced patterned links. This is a hollow link, as so many of them were, and as such it is easy to see just how much it was loved. Heavily used hollow bracelets exhibit dents where they have been used frequently, this particular ones shows no such signs. The only impact damage that is obvious is that caused by marking each individual link with the 9ct repeater punch. 

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9ct rose gold.
Stamped 9ct on each link. No other marks.
The bracelet is 8.5mm wide made with 2mm gauge links.
12.7 grams.
Very Good, signs of old solder on the links but as they are hollow and un-dented, we consider this to be in very good condition.
Wrist length:
8 1/2 inches.