Blue John & Agate Spinner Pendant – SOLD

A modern spinner pendant crafted in 9ct yellow gold and set with Blue John and Agate on the other side. Made as a pendant rather than a fob to be worn on a watch chain as most spinner pendants are ‘up-cycled’ from. Blue John, a form of fluorite exhibiting bands of purple colour, is only found in Derbyshire and has been mined for centuries. I say only found in Derbyshire, there have been recent pockets of fluorite exhibiting similar colour banding found in China. Ignoring the Chinese material of which we know very little about I can safely say if you google Blue John, anything you see will have come from good old Blighty. In fact I recommend having a look at just what has been made in Blue John. The bowls, urns, lamps and even tables made using it are spectacular. For me it is all about the Blue John but if it is of interest there is a piece of green agate on the other side. 

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9ct yellow gold.
PO Sheffield 1998.
Blue John & Agate.
The overall measurement is 40mm x 25.4mm. The oval spinner is 26.5mm x 20mm.
11 grams.
Excellent. Pretty much as good as new.
Finger size: