Antique solid 9ct rose gold bracelet.


This is a substantially heavy bracelet made of the most wonderful rose gold with a very definite pink hue to it. Anyone looking for a solid rose gold antique bracelet, this is the one. 

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9ct rose gold with a pink hue to it.
The padlock is hallmarked B&S 9ct. Each link has been stamped with the 9ct repeater marks as well as one link marked with the Birmingham assay mark with the V date letter. It has taken a while to figure out exactly which V letter this is as both 1920 and 1945 use very similar marks. We can assume though that such an item was not being made during the 1940s due to the war effort therefore must be the earlier V for 1920.
The links are 11.5mm wide and made of 2.6mm gauge round wire. Large padlock measuring 16mm x 26mm.
56 grams.
Wrist size:
Medium / average.