Antique rose gold compass fob – SOLD

A well loved compass fob designed to be worn on a watch Albert but it would make a fabulous pendant today. I say well loved because it is evident from the ‘glass’ that this particular piece has seen a good deal of wear. Having been worn on a watch Albert, hanging from the button hole of a waist coat, these fobs very often took a good deal of wear and tear when the wearer stood up or sat down. I can only imagine the conversations this compass has been privy too. I can imagine it being worn at very formal dinner parties over the last 100 years, fine food, fine wine, fine jewellery. 

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9ct rose gold.
9c and another mark but it is not legible.
22.5mm diameter. 8mm thick.
6.3 grams.
Apart from the obvious this is in good order and the compass works very well when perfectly level.
Finger size: