Antique emerald and diamond cluster ring


This fabulous emerald and diamond antique cluster ring is a pure delight, circa 1920. A delicate and petite ring with an enchanting emerald with excellent depth of colour. The cluster ring design comes in all shapes and sizes, usually found with a coloured centre stone and a surround of diamonds. As with all antique and vintage items such as this we ask that you be mindful in the circumstances you wear them. Although this ring will happily last another couple of lifetimes it has only survived thus far through careful wear.

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Foreign mark just slightly visible. Tests confirm platinum.
The diamonds are mostly eight-cuts and one old-cut and one brilliant cut. Each diamond is approximately 0.02ct with an approximate carat weight of 0.24ct. Oval cabochon cut emerald in the centre approximately 6mm x 4.5mm, exhibiting a wonderfully mid to deep green colour and included with naturally occurring emerald wisps. It is precisely stones like this which has put emeralds at the forefront of gemstone enthusiasts around the world.
The head of the ring measures 11.8mm x 11mm and rises 5.7mm above the finger. The shank measures 1mm wide.
2.50 grams.
Finger size:
UK I 1/2. US & Canada 4 1/2.