9ct Amethyst & Pearl Pendant


This is essentially a reproduction piece. Only one of a few repro items we have. The lavalier pendant was a pretty classic style of pendant and more often than not were set with amethyst and pearls. Other stones commonly used were garnets or peridots.  Being that it is reproduction we have priced it accordingly. Often that word reproduction is omitted from descriptions and I see these sold as antique. An easy way to tell is by looking at the pearls. These pearls are all white and fresh, matched perfectly across the pendant. Had it been antique they would not be as white as these and would appear more silvery. The frame-work would also be far more delicate. For the money however there is a good deal of workmanship for just £135.

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9ct yellow gold.
375. Hallmarked in London 2001. Traditional gold hallmark.
Amethyst and pearls.
41mm tall x 25.6mm wide.
3.4 grams.
Finger size: