Georgian 18ct gold ring set with diamonds and pearls – SOLD

A superb Georgian ring set with pearls and old cut diamonds. The patterning is in immaculate condition exhibiting excellent detail right the way around the finger. The acorn motifs on each shoulder were a popular design in the 1820s representing fertility, immortality and strength. 

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18ct gold.
Unmarked. This would have been omitted form hallmarking due to its style of manufacture. The act of punching a hallmark would have damaged the design and compromised the integrity of the piece. Where this is the case, items were allowed to be sold un-hallmarked. Test confirm without doubt the article to be 18ct gold.
Everything appears to be totally original to this ring. There are no signs of replacement pearls or diamonds being fitted in to match. The pearls are old and most likely were river peals. These were fresh water pearls, most likely from Scotland or possibly the Thames estuary.
10mm wide at its largest measurement. 2.8mm at the base of the across narrowing slightly to 2.2mm at the back of the finger.
3.15 grams.
Excellent. Ever so slight sign of wear against another ring at some point in its extensive life but all in all the ring is in exceptional condition given it is possibly 200 years old. We also think that there might have been a slight element of enamel applied to this particular ring as there are small patches of red ‘staining’ that will scrape off. We of course do not want to remove this as it is part of the history of the ring.
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