18ct gold diamond & enamel ring – SOLD

A fantastic ring featuring royal blue enamel and old cut diamonds. A wonderful piece of workmanship, circa mid Victorian era, it has been well looked after. Our expert enamel restorer has conducted minor restoration to the enamel on the shoulders but the main body of the enamel is in the same condition as when we acquired the piece. We suspect this to be original as it would have been protected by the diamonds which protrude above the ring giving protection from knocks. 

Enammeling is an art form. It requires significant engraving to be undertaken giving a channel for the enamel to sit in. The enamel itself is effectively a thick paste like paint impregnated with fine ground glass which gives it the shine we are able to see in this ring. Once the paste is in place the ring must be fired in a kiln. If the consistency of the paste is to viscous it will run out of the channel before it gets hot enough or will not set correctly. Too thick and it might not fuse to the surface in a secure manor. 

Enamel is a pretty hardy substance but if it takes a strong enough knock in the correct place it can chip. If enamelled rings are sized it can disturb the integrity of the enamel and again chip or flake out of place. As such, despite it having been sized once in its life, we cannot offer a re-sizing option with this ring through fear of damaging the beautiful enamel. 

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18ct gold.
Remnants of an 18ct hallmark but the rest has been lost through sizing.
Five old cut diamonds totalling approximately 0.21ct.
5mm at its widest tapering down to 2.8mm at the back of the finger.
2.98 grams.
Excellent condition for an enamel ring of this age.
Finger size:
UK M - US 6.