18ct Bloodstone Signet Ring


This dark green gem with bright red flecks has been sought out for thousands of years for its unique appearance and perceived healing properties. A Victorian ring which was well loved and clearly worn daily, the shank / band had been worn nearly totally away at the back of the finger. This meant it really was unfit for sale. In this circumstance we cut the band off half way around the ring, draw out an entirely fresh solid piece of 18ct gold, and reattached. This is a very common procedure and one we intend to make a video showing the process as well as giving details of how to spot on other rings. All in all this ‘half shank’ restoration as we call it was required to save the ring from the melting pot. This is taken into account when pricing.

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18ct gold.
Unmarked - tests confirm 18ct gold.
13.6mm in height, shoulders are 6.6mm, 3.8mm proud off the finger then narrows to 3.2mm a the back of the finger.
6.4 grams.
Very good. The original band was very worn, because of this we have built up the band fully. The bloodstone does show signs of its age but only under close inspection and this is totally expected for a 120+ year old ring.
Finger size:
UK M 1/2 - US 6 1/4.