Sovereign Pendant
  • Sovereign Pendant


    Description: A modern pendant mount set with a full sovereign dated 1900. Coin and mount can be sold separately. Please feel free to get in contact should you wish to know more. 


    Metal: 9ct pendant mount with a 22ct sovereign coin. 


    Marks: Hallmarked Sheffield. 


    Measurements: Just shy of 34mm in diameter. 


    Weight: Total including the sovereign is 12.5 grams. Being that the Sovereign is 8 grams (7.98g to be precise) the mount itself is just over 4 grams. 


    Condition: As the sovereign is 120 years old and would have been in general circulation one upon a time it is worn but still has good definition. 

    The mount is as good as new. 


    SKU: GBC190220-4
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